The company is an officially registered policyholder:

  • Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PF RF): No. 088-010-069140
  • Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (FSS RF): No. 7830027646
  • Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (FTS RF): No. 7811451840
  • Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (MHIF RF): No. 400000900746583
  • The company is the official operator carrying out the processing of personal data: in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152 on the basis of order No. 72 of March 24, 2014 of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (RosKomNadzor).

The company operates in full compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation:makes contributions to all government funds;

  • pays for annual vacations;
  • pays sick leave;
  • provides vacations at their own expense;
  • for students of Russian universities, the company provides study leaves and their payment, including travel expenses to the place of the session and back once a year;
  • due to the dynamic development of the company and the future opening of branches, the company provides for an annual certification of personnel and the possibility of career growth.
  • The company has a valid contract with Reso-Med under the compulsory medical insurance program. If desired, the company’s employees are issued a policy under the Compulsory Medical Insurance (MHI) program of the Reso-Med company (license C No. 0879 50).
  • All personal data of employees are protected, processed and stored in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data (N 152-FZ).
  • Since the company «Count Orlov» is socially responsible, we unilaterally comply with the Law of St. Petersburg dated 27.05.2003 N 280-25 (as amended on 26.02.2010).

The company provides an opportunity for internship:

  • For 2nd year students, the company «Graf Orlov» opens the opportunity to undergo introductory practice, the main purpose of which is to familiarize themselves with the commercial and production activities of the enterprise, as well as gain knowledge and skills of practical work in the company.
  • For 3 — 4 year students, the company «Graf Orlov» opens up the opportunity to undergo industrial practice, the main goal of which is to consolidate the knowledge gained by students in the process of studying at an educational institution and to acquire practical skills in the company.
  • Enrollment for practice is free of charge on a competitive basis based on the results of an interview. An internship in a company is an opportunity to learn how Russian companies work on the example of a dynamically developing company in the field of IT technologies.
Employees who have successfully completed the probationary period have the right to receive additional benefits prescribed in the employment contract:
  • obtaining a VHI policy after 2 years of successful work in the company;
  • the possibility of training at the expense of the company in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • corporate communications are provided to company managers;
  • all employees are provided with travel compensation.

You can find open vacancies in the company on the following sites:

  • Super job
  • Rabota Ru
  • Head hunter

With each employee, regardless of the terms of cooperation, the company concludes an agreement on non-disclosure of commercial secrets between the employee and the employer. You can view a sample contract here: