On December 14, 2009, Count Orlov LLC opened a new separate subdivision — the Count Orlov 24 Service Center.

There are many computer companies on the Russian market, but we are the only one. We can solve problems with a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, fitness bracelet, and any other devices (gadgets) and smart appliances. We are constantly expanding and offer you a wide range of computer services, where everyone can find a solution to their particular problem.

List of services for individuals:

1. Field service of computer equipment:

  • Setting up and maintaining smart technology
  • Working on the Internet
  • Dead pixel recovery
  • Data handling and protection
  • Setting up the Internet and changing the provider
  • Install, reinstall, restore and configure the OS
  • Installing and configuring updates for the OS
  • Find and install drivers
  • Installing licensed programs
2. Remote technical support:
  • Remote support for Windows users
  • Remote support for Mac OS X users
  • Remote support for Linux users
  • Remote support for Android users
  • Remote support for iOS users

3. Service in the service center

List of services for legal entities:

1. IT outsourcing services:

  • IT outsourcing
  • IT audit of the company structure
  • Information systems audit
  • System administrator consultation

2. IT security services:

  • Penetration testing Pentest
  • Penetration testing (Blackbox, Whitebox)
  • Testing the operation of the resource at high loads
  • Testing Web Applications
  • Site security audit. Checking the site for vulnerabilities.
  • DDoS protection

3. Development services:

  • Software development (SW)
  • Development of mobile applications

4. Build services:

  • Building an integrated information security system
  • Building remote administration systems
  • Construction of terminal access systems
  • Building data security systems

5. Automation and implementation services:

  • Development, planning and implementation of IT infrastructure
  • Automation and implementation of an electronic document management system
  • Implementation of a business informatization system
  • Implementation of the unified communications system
  • Implementation of accounting and control systems for the company’s IT resources
  • Backup system implementation
  • Implementation of video surveillance
  • Implementing virtualization
  • Implementation of geolocation services

6. Delivery of equipment:

  • Computer hardware and software supplies

7. Business mobilization:

  • Business mobilization and MDM systems

8. Data center services:

  • As part of a partnership agreement

And due to the fact that the company has been on the market for 10 years, we can guarantee you the quality of the services provided. We help people 24 hours a day.