On September 1, 2017, Count Orlov LLC opened a new separate subdivision — the Count Orlov Photolaboratory.

«Photolaboratory Count Orlov» is a new division, the work of which has been formed from hundreds of small cases in a computer company.

Basic services:

  • Photo processing
  • Video processing
  • Electronic data processing
  • Processing paper documents
  • Data processing on the Internet
  • Photo printing on order
  • Printing of printed products
  • Computer design
  • Computer animation
  • Photo services at events

Today «Photolaboratory Count Orlov» is a separate department, which occupies an entire room, where employees process hundreds of thousands of photo, video, paper, electronic, and other materials. Everything from editing to retouching, from editing electronic documents to converting paper archives to digital.

A completely new direction is photo printing, it is relevant every year, and gives us a number of advantages: we offer you something that our competitors cannot offer!

The photolaboratory is the place where you are always welcome.