Count Orlov is a partner of such major IT companies as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, DELL, Seagate, and others. We cooperate with various IT companies, ranging from the joint development of various software and web portals, to participation in joint projects for the release of new products on the IT market. Specialists of our company are always welcome at any IT-events — from forums to conferences, we are always a welcome guest on the doorstep of any company.

Today, in order to further develop the company, we are looking for a large investor (or investors) who is ready (ready) to invest certain funds in the further growth of the company. We plan to open a robotics division. In the future, we will be present in every city of the Russian Federation, in the CIS countries and abroad. We have a certain potential for further growth, and today we are looking for a reliable partner (s) to implement our plans.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are interested in investors who are tired of speculation in the stock and bond market and the FOREX market, and who want to enter a safe haven where they can safely take an active part in the company’s activities, and at the same time not be just a bag of money.
  • We are ready to introduce a person who is interested in investing in “innovation, science, IT-technology”. We are a sufficiently transparent company to see us as a reliable partner. We have been working in Russia since 2009, and the accumulated experience and knowledge allow us to open the doors for external financial investments, thereby ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation. The company’s management is ready to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as provide a guarantee of the return on investment.
  • We are interested in investors who are ready to engage in long-term investment. For investors interested in short-term and medium-term investments, we have to refuse to cooperate immediately.
  • Our company is suitable for those who would like to stand at the origins of a new corporation, such as, for example, Microsoft or Intel.
  • Unlike the Russian authorities, we propose investing not in Skolkovo, which has not met the expectations of investors. We offer investments in the development of the unoccupied IT-technologies market around the world, starting with Russia and the CIS countries.
What do we offer?
  • We are not «JSC» and we do not have «shares» in the company, however we are «LLC» and are ready to offer up to 49% share in the company.
  • In the future, as the company grows and transforms from a limited liability company into an open joint-stock company (or a closed joint-stock company), we are ready to offer 49% of the company’s shares, and with an IPO, we are ready to discuss the terms of an equal partnership in a 50-50 format, provided continuation of investment and other assistance in a technological format.

We started out as a simple PC and laptop repair service center. Today we are a computer company that provides a wide range of services in the field of IT technologies, and entering the market of the CIS countries and plans to expand in other cities and countries allow us to confidently declare that the company will actively grow in the coming decades, discovering more and more new directions in the field of IT-technologies around the globe.