The company «Count Orlov» has in its portfolio more than a hundred created sites on which our company offers you to place your advertising in the form of banners, in order to increase your audience and mutually beneficial cooperation, we invite advertisers!

Advertising spaces are located on our sites, including various company projects:

  • The cost of advertising on the main website of the company = 100,000 rubles per month
  • The cost of advertising on other sites of the company = 50,000 rubles per month
  • The cost of advertising on the company’s websites presented in the portfolio = 30,000 rubles per month
  • The cost of placing advertising on company projects (subdomains) = 10,000 rubles per month

We are pleased to offer you the placement of any advertising on our sites that do not contradict the Federal Legislation of the Russian Federation: it can be a text link, hyperlink, picture, advertising module or banner, as well as a special design of the site.

For advertising on our websites, please contact the Advertising Department.

For convenience, we suggest that you visually familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the banners in the following diagram: