This section is created to publicly highlight our business relationships with other organizations and people we encounter in the course of our work. The section consists of several subsections:
  • Companies whitelisting
  • Black list of companies
  • Suppliers
  • Advertisers
  • Investors
  • For copyright holders
  • We invite you to cooperation
  • Safety Statement

Each of the subsections contains very interesting information. The policy of our company is complete and reliable openness. In each subsection above, you will be able to find out the following:

  • The white list of companies is a subsection in which we publish those organizations to whom we express our appreciation and gratitude for the quality work done. It’s kind of a «daily thank you».
  • The black list of companies is a subsection in which we publish those organizations that cause feelings of disgust and the desire to «shut down as soon as possible.» Representatives of these organizations for us are the so-called «persona non grata». The list of organizations applying, in our personal opinion, methods of work that are incorrect for the business community will be constantly expanded and published. The creation of the black list is our protest against lawlessness and non-compliance with conditions and terms, rudeness, impunity, and many other things that are unpleasant to remember.
  • For suppliers — this is a subsection in which we publish the main wishes, both for the suppliers themselves and for the goods they supply. We do not want much at all — this is to sell a beautiful product that has official documentation and appropriate certificates, marked in accordance with accepted international standards. We are interested in companies with a wide assortment and ready for long-term business relationships. We are always glad to any promotional materials provided free of charge for distribution among our customers for the purpose of mutually beneficial tripartite partnership according to the «supplier-we-customer» scheme.
  • Advertisers — this subsection in which we publish an official offer for advertising on the corporate websites of the company, as well as on websites that are presented in our portfolio on various topics. At the same time, we do not allow placement of advertisements that contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Investors — this subsection is dedicated to those who are looking for a new area for long-term investment. The company is developing, and for its further growth we need investors who are interested in investing so-called. «long money».
  • Copyright holders is a subsection dedicated to both visitors to our site and copyright holders of any materials. The activities of our company are conducted in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and we are always ready to fulfill the requirements of the copyright holders of any materials — pictures, videos, software, and others.
  • An invitation to cooperation is a subsection that is aimed at programs of joint mutually beneficial cooperation with various organizations and institutions.
  • Security Statement — this subsection provides data from independent internationally respected companies in the field of checking sites for malicious software, malicious codes on the site; on the sites of which a positive conclusion was given that there are no threats of any kind on our resource for you and your data.