Count Orlov Limited Liability Company ® (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) is an innovative small business entity operating in the IT services market in the North-West Region of the Russian Federation. The company was registered in 2009 in St. Petersburg, and is a limited liability company (LLC), the main activity of which is — maintenance and repair of office machines and computers (new OKVED 95.1, previously 72.5). In addition, Count Orlov LLC provides a wide range of computer services. Our motto is «Future — today, innovation — every day.»

Count Orlov LLC ® builds its business on complete trust in its Partners, Suppliers and Clients: The main feature of the company is complete openness and honesty in doing business. The company strives to be always transparent both in relation to employees and in relation to other persons, both individuals and legal entities. Our employees are the main value of the company. Therefore, we have a completely different atmosphere than in a stuffy office, where a strict dress code is observed.

The history of the company begins at the end of the distant 2009 …

We will tell you only a few of the interesting events on this page:

  • In March 2010, Count Orlov LLC  became an official partner of Intel Corporation under the Intel Software Partner program:

  • On April 02, 2012 Count Orlov LLC became an official partner of Seagate Technology LLC under the Seagate Partner Program:

  • On April 05, 2012 Count Orlov became an official partner of Metro Cash & Carry. Information about cooperation and the types of discounts offered for holders of Metro Cash & Carry cards and coupons is available on the internal partner resource of METRO Cash and Carry Russia:

  • On September 01, 2012, in a solemn atmosphere, the “Protocol of Intent” was signed between Count Orlov LLC and Senator Managing Company LLC (Senator Management Company). Count Orlov has become an official partner of the Senator business center network in St. Petersburg! Information on cooperation and the types of discounts offered for Club Senator cardholders is presented on the internal partner resource of the Senator Business Center Network:

  • On November 13, 2012, in a solemn atmosphere, the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Provision of Services was signed between Count Orlov LLC and OJSC.Count Orlov has become the official partner of in Russia! Information on cooperation and the types of discounts offered for cardholders of is presented on the internal partner resource of OJSC:

  • On December 01, 2012 Count Orlov LLC became an official partner of IBM! International agreements were concluded on programs: IBM PartnerWorld, IBM Business Partner, IBM Software. The company received the status of IBM Business Partner, as well as the opportunity to post information about the company and the proposed options for cooperation on the internal resource of the IBM company:
  1. IBM Showcase
  2. IBM Showcase (web archive)
  3. IBM Showcase (web archive)
  • On December 25, 2012, Count Orlov LLC became the official partner of Axoft:

  • On July 01, 2014 the Count Orlov company became an official partner of the Hosting Telesystems LTD company.

  • Since 2014, Count Orlov LLC has been an official partner of Intel Corporation under the Intel Technology Provider program:

  • In 2020, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Count Orlov entered the register of companies most affected by the spread of coronavirus infection and received various subsidies from the state (from the accounts of the Federal Treasury) several times in one year, having passed the necessary checks by the Federal Tax Service. Services.
  • In 2021, the Count Orlov company received state accreditation from the Ministry of Figures and was entered in the register of accredited organizations operating in the field of information technology (registration number of the record 13609, date of entry 18.02.2021, number of the decision on state accreditation 99). The information contained in the register is posted on the website:

Count Orlov ® works with leading software developers and computer innovators. Today the company has partners in the field of information technology in various countries — Finland, Great Britain, as well as France and Germany. The company continues to search for new partners and participates in international projects in the EU countries.

The company is recruiting freelance programmers around the world. People who are accustomed to a home office environment work together much more productively using modern information technologies, and create the necessary software products and web services together, being in different parts of the world, while they reduce the time to «seemingly unrealistic».

Count Orlov LLC ® offers companies and corporations services to protect information, detect holes in the system, and eliminate the possibility of industrial espionage by analyzing their systems and drawing up professional recommendations, the observance of which allows keeping trade secrets within the company. We are ready to offer the services of our programmers to various departments that are engaged in the defense, military and space industries, and which require the creation of one or another software product for the electronic component.

Thanks to work with the leading universities of the country, dozens of students underwent introductory, industrial and pre-diploma practice. Some of them have written and successfully defended their theses on the IT base of our company. Graduates who defended their research papers written at Graf Orlov LLC are our main pride. We do not just work for ourselves, we help young beginners to develop and gain new knowledge. For us, knowledge transfer is the basis for future growth, thanks to which we grow even faster.

The company today is not just a small computer company:

  • own Photolaboratory (opened in 2017) — provides services for photo printing and printing of printed products, photo / video processing, paper / electronic documents processing, computer design, computer animation, and the provision of photography services at events
  • own Service Center (opened in 2009) — provides services for the repair and adjustment of computer equipment through field service and remote computer assistance, and also provides data center services under a partnership agreement; and for legal entities persons offers services of IT outsourcing, IT security, software development and mobile applications, building various systems, automation and implementation, equipment supply, business mobilization.
  • own Web Studio (opened in 2018) — provides services for the creation and promotion of sites, advertising and advertising campaigns on the Internet, administration and technical support of sites, and for legal entities. persons provides services of identity, naming, branding, HR branding, SERM.

Our plans include the development of areas: robotics, virtual reality and cyber space, blockchain technologies.

We will be glad to see you in our company.