Count Orlov Limited Liability Company ® (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) is an innovative small business entity operating in the IT services market in the North-West Region of the Russian Federation. The company was registered in 2009 in St. Petersburg, and is a limited liability company (LLC), the main activity of which is — maintenance and repair of office machines and computers (new OKVED 95.1, previously 72.5). In addition, Graf Orlov LLC provides a wide range of computer services. Our motto is «Future — today, innovation — every day.»

Count Orlov LLC ® builds its business on complete trust in its Partners, Suppliers and Clients: The main feature of the company is complete openness and honesty in doing business. The company strives to be always transparent both in relation to employees and in relation to other persons, both individuals and legal entities. Our employees are the main value of the company. Therefore, we have a completely different atmosphere than in a stuffy office, where a strict dress code is observed.

Count Orlov LLC ® offers companies and corporations services to protect information, detect holes in the system, and eliminate the possibility of industrial espionage by analyzing their systems and drawing up professional recommendations, the observance of which allows keeping trade secrets within the company. We are ready to offer the services of our programmers to various departments that are engaged in the defense, military and space industries, and which require the creation of one or another software product for the electronic component.

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